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Are you concerned about yourself or your child and in need of some support as you navigate life or a family issue?


Perhaps you or your child are struggling with worries or behaviours that are getting in the way of daily life. Or maybe there have been some transitions that are impacting on you or your child’s ability to live a full life.


Many parents and young adults don’t always know where to get support and some also worry about labels. This is very understandable yet evidence shows us that children, adolescents and young adults can truly benefit when they receive the right kind of professional support and guidance.


I can provide a safe, confidential space for both children and young people to help deepen their awareness and develop skills to manage their emotional wellbeing.


I am also able to work with parents individually and occasionally parents and their children can benefit from some joint sessions. 


I work from my practice in North Bristol.


Child Therapy

Children’s natural language is play. 

My skills as a child psychotherapist enable me to respond accordingly and help the child process what they might be struggling with. 


I use a wide range of creative media such as drawing, story, puppetry, drama and sandtray to help my clients feel safe and make sense of their troubles or difficult feelings. 

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence and early adult-hood is a time of many transitions and sometimes this can bring about a lot of turbulence.

For many teenagers just talking is preferred. For some they may find using photographic imagery, film or music useful.


Central to my work with young people is a confidential, non-shaming and respectful space for them to explore whatever they choose to bring. 

Parent Support

At times, parents can feel overwhelmed and sometimes there is a recurring issue that does not seem to get better with time.

I offer a confidential safe space for parents to reflect and explore alternative approaches.


Sometimes parents will find that individual work with me can be enough and I do not need to meet the child or adolescent.

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