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  • Individual Therapy

  • Parent Support

  • Group Sessions

  • School Sessions

  • Assessments 

Location: I work from a practice in Clifton (near the Lido)

Fees: I charge £50 per session.

Individual Therapy

I offer short or long-term therapy for individual children and young people. These sessions usually take place weekly.

After we have made contact I will invite you first for:


  1. Initial Consultation for you/and your child to discuss your reasons for seeking support and for you and/your child to ask questions and get to know me. This initial session will cost £50 and will last 1 hour and 15 mins.

  2. Assessment Phase (3-6 weeks) for me to learn more about your child’s issues and developmental history. Based on the assessment we would work out a plan.

  3. Therapy Plan This would be dependant on the client’s needs and ability to engage. Usually a commitment of 16-20 weeks would be required, after which we can review and continue on 12 week blocks. Sometimes as the work deepens other issues will need attending to and maybe also parents need some extra support. Sometimes a block or two can be enough, for others a year is needed. Some children and young people require long-term therapy.

Reflective Parenting

I offer therapeutic sessions to parents or caregivers both as short-term or an ongoing plan. Usually these sessions can be in a block of 4-6 sessions and this can be discussed during the initial consultation. They can be weekly or spread out monthly. Sometimes parents prefer to work on an ad-hoc basis, depending on what is needed and availability I will try to accommodate this.

Group Sessions

I also offer group sessions for children, young people and parent groups. Being in a group is a central part of how we all experience the world. Yet for some it can be uncomfortable or even triggering. If children and young people, and even parents can re-experience being part of a group where they can feel safe to explore what they bring, it can have a transformative impact on other parts of their lives. Group sessions are often in a block of 12-24 depending on the issues and needs of the group.

Schools & Community

I offer group work or individual client work within the school. This can be tailor-made for a particular need or issue or I can deliver sessions from my own psycho-education programme Child Matters:

Building Attachment 

The practical application

'what to do with the theory'

Emotional Regulation 

A neurobiological approach.

Art Into Being

Using drawing, story, clay, puppetry & drama to explore self and other.

Windows Into Your Babies World 

Using live video and footage to illuminate what might be going on for babies.

Parenting Inside & Out

Reflective and practical parenting workshops looking at stages of

development and how various parenting approaches work.


(Please contact me directly for more information and costs about this kind of work)

Consultation and Assessments

I am able to offer psychological assessments, both individual and classroom, as well as consultations to groups or organisations working with children. 


Child Matters

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